The Art of Giving?

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What is Zakat?

Meaning of Zakat is purification. Zakat purifies the wealth as the Prayers purify the soul, Fasting purifies the body, as the poor and needy have a share in your wealth. If one fails to pay Zakat, he is denying the right of others by retaining something, which does not belong to him.

We came in this world with nothing on us and God gave us our wealth. Therefore we should not be reluctant to spend it on the poor and needy.

What does it do?

Zakat purifies the property as well as the heart from selfishness and greed. In contrast, it also purifies the heart of the recipient from envy and jealousy, from hatred and unease.

How does it work?

Zakat is sharing the prosperity with one’s brethren. It is a powerful financial instrument to alleviate poverty and to make the people self-sufficient. It is a powerful tool for the economic development and fundamental of Islamic economic system. If everyone paid Zakat, there would be no people without food, clothing and shelter in this world. If  Zakat is collected in an organized way, it can generate jobs for all.

Zakat is to be used to make the needy self-sufficient. Zakat is one of the pillars of Islam and is mentioned 150 times in Qur’an.

May the new year bring a real positive change to the life’s of the poor & the needy in every corner of the earth.

May the new year bring a better beginning to Humanity.

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