Zakat is not just for Ramadan…

February 18, 2011 at 4:54 pm Leave a comment

One of the five pillars of Islam is giving charity. The giving of 2.5% of one’s wealth once a year, helps to cleanse your finances, but also purifies the soul as you are giving to people living in poverty.

The disasters in Haiti and Pakistan last year showed the generosity of all communities, Muslim and non-Muslim alike in donating huge amounts to different aid organisations that managed directly to help people and are continuing to do so.

Many Muslims traditionally pay their Zakat donation during Ramadan, using the month of fasting as a reminder and an annual point from which they can calculate their earnings and work out the required 2.5% to pay to charity.

This doesn’t have to be case. There are people in need to aid and support all year round, not just during Ramadan. The Haiti earthquake hit eight months before Ramadan; the floods in Pakistan two weeks before Ramadan. Alongside natural disasters, there are millions still going hungry around the world.

We don’t even need to look abroad. If we look within our own shores, there are families living is very poor conditions who could also do with our Zakat donations. With unemployment on the rise, the numbers of people that are struggling to make rent or make mortgage repayments is also rising.

Muslims give money to charity, not just because it’s their religious obligation, but because it is their duty as human beings. The generosity of non-Muslims should also be noted. Causes like Children in Need and Comic Relief raises tens of millions of pounds every year to address issues across the UK and abroad.

We can see that charity and helping others is an inherent, moral part of all people, regardless of faith or no faith. Let’s hope that we remember those who are in poverty and destitution all year round, because Zakat isn’t just for Ramadan.

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