Sustaining Humanity

March 17, 2011 at 4:51 pm Leave a comment

In recent weeks the world has seen a series of natural disasters and humanitarian crises hit different parts of the world leading to death and suffering of millions of people.

New Zealand and Japan were both hit by earthquakes; two countries which are considered to be developed have been partially turned into parts of the developing world.

The loss of life in both tragedies is shocking and has left thousands dead, homeless and destitute. Many people have lost their homes and possessions and towns and cities have been washed away through flooding and damage caused by the earthquake and aftershocks.

We have seen commentators such as this one for Reuters telling us not to donate money to the Japanese victims of the earthquake because “Japan is a wealthy country” or “neither wants nor needs the money”. That may well be the case.

But, lets look at this from a humanitarian point of view. We are writing our blogs from the other side of the world. As writers, from our desks, we cannot ascertain the reality of the destruction that the earthquakes and tsunami has caused. We have television pictures and photos in newspapers, but we have become so numb to these through these alongside disaster movies, that we don’t know what to feel when we see such disaster.

The latest reports are highlighting a potential nuclear disaster with nuclear reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant exploding, leaving considerable damage to the plant and severely affecting the power available to people living near the plant and the risk of a major explosion for which the nuclear fallout could affect people living within a 100km radius of the plant.

One big question is: should we look beyond nuclear power as a power source? There are alternatives such as the sun or wind. There social enterprises and NGOs out there working to develop new ideas. A couple are Community Energy Plus and Illumination. Do you have any other solutions or ideas? Let us know!

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