Real-time obstacles to collaboration

May 10, 2011 at 9:59 am Leave a comment

By Usman Mir

A follow up to my initial blog on the virtues of collaboration between charities, begs the question, why does it not happen enough? Surely, if this notion of collaborating between charities is so truly valuable then it stands to reason that it would be more common practice amongst budding Muslim charities, now more than ever.

There are however obstacles to establishing a value added collaboration between two or more organisations. This does not make the idea of collaboration impossible, but in many cases the obstacle is sizeable enough such that the solution would require significant time and resources, unfortunately both of which some charitable organisations tend to suffer from.

Before the more tangible obstacles are considered however, there are more immaterial obstacles that are truly stifling. A charity is like any other organisational specie and thus has a political nature to it. The political agenda of an organisation can vary from the rather inane such as the ego’s of CEO’s to the compromising of brand recognition to quite simply the “go it alone” attitude. Such themes prevent any kind of dialogue on the notion of collaboration because it is simply not an agenda item.

There is no real remedy to such stance apart from a change in attitude. The Prophet (PBUH) taught us that pride only promotes the detriment of a society and a people – it is not a character trait that we should harbour personally and by extension in our organisations.

Real –time collaboration must look at the problems faced by many communities across the UK which requires a productive, holistic, and a three dimensional approach to solving these social ills. A starting point will be to take a hard good look into the faces of those who are suffering because of the ego centric approach, only then you will realise that the solution is within your hands, and the solution does indeed starts with you as an individual.

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