Not only in our dreams Part 2

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Sincere supplication is always a good start...

Delivered by Dr. Hany El Banna, Chairman of Zakat House, at the world Economic Forum Annual Meeting in 2005 Davos, Switzerland,

 As for life resources, they are for all of us to share. There is more than enough for all people to share; probably enough to cover more than is required. The creator of the world has provided it with enough resource to secure the life of its inhabitants. If all people believed in human rights, sharing, and giving, the world would change. So, if we all believed in human rights, everyone would have

rights in other people’s wealth, and a Muslim would give the Christian for the sake of the Creator who created the resource of life according to the needs of people. That would lead us to the principle of sharing where all are equal. The

rich with their money are as equal as the poor with intelligence and work. So, the creative poor would feel that they are equal partners with the rich to keep the wheel of life going.   Then comes the principle of ‘giving’. The meaning of giving is more

comprehensive than donating or offering something in charity. Rather, it comes out of love to offer to please the Creator Almighty. It does not come as a charity or for gaining political, economic, social or intellectual interests, otherwise it would not be done for the sake of the Giver, God, and so we accept destiny, share resources, establish human rights and enhance the spirit of giving. A life which establishes a right for the world, where all are equally responsible.  The right that is due to the world is that we have to build and develop it and plan to please its people. The right due to its people is establishing rights, achieving

justice and founding the base of divine brotherhood amongst humanity. Establishing rights is a very big matter that includes so many issues. It is like an encyclopaedia of endless volumes and chapters.   The belief in humanitarian brotherhood is the foundation of establishing rights, which does not discriminate between people, nor does it exclude anyone.

A brotherhood that unites us to work towards pleasing the Creator through helping one another. The next foundation is establishing rights and justice; absolute justice that is free from prejudice. Justice, that stems from desiring welfare for all, and pleasing the Creator as well as His creatures. Justice, that would not wrong the foe for the sake of the friend. Justice that brings happiness, comfort and warms the hearts of all. Justice, that never ends. Justice of which the fruits can be smelt and brightness can be seen, even from a distance. Justice that can make dreams come true. Justice, that achieves self-recognition for all humans as it is we humans who are the foundation for establishing that justice. If we believe in a brotherhood that unites us and life that is based on justice,

We can then establish rights; rights that include humans, animals, birds, water, climates, topographic relief, insects, seas, and fish. Rights that we give to life, and life makers including children, women, men, family, society, state, ethnicities, nationalities, religions and faiths. Rights can never be achieved unless we establish the absolute justice, which is based on true brotherhood, and freedom of speech. This absolute justice should also represent our deep belief in freedom of faith, thought, views, and living. In achieving freedom we, also, have to consider the rights that are due to the life we lead. So, we should not try to deform the nature of life by bending its common sense or changing its fundamentals and origination. It is wrong to believe that one, however strong they are, can change the origination of life. So, let us work together towards establishing a free world of brotherhood, love, and justice. A world, where rights are protected by its shade.

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