Getting satisfaction from a smile

October 3, 2011 at 11:12 am Leave a comment

By Mohamed Mohamed

***Editor’s Note: This blog is being cross posted between the Muslim Charities Forum and Zakat House as the wonderful intern that wrote the below entry spent time with both organisations.***

In the two months that I have been working in the charity sector I feel proud and honoured that I have done something valuable with my time. Knowing that every blog, letter and Facebook update that I do will somehow to try to persuade someone to give from their time or money to help the less fortunate. My time that I spent with both the charity organisations I was with has been a big help to me in such a way that will benefit me in my professional career.

Three months ago before the end of the academic school year that I wanted to spend my summer doing something more different to what I am used to. I’ve always believed in the proclamation that says “charity does not decrease wealth” and how true that has been during this journey.

During my time I have been fortunate to meet people from all different walks of life, people from different background, people with different interest, people with different lifestyles but are all united in one cause, helping the people who do not have the same luxuries as we do. It’s the people you work with really shape up how office life is to be viewed. One of the main things that I’ve learnt during my time here is the importance of good communication skills and a friendly disposition. This helps you settle in to any environment quickly because it wins your work colleagues over with your character. No one ever wants to work with anyone who does not have a friendly temperament and someone who finds it difficult trying to communicate with others as it usually leads to some sort of frustration.

I am currently studying at a medical school in Romania where I have learnt how important it is to have good communication skills between doctors and patients. However this is also true in working with charity organisations as there is a potential donor which you do not want to lose. This donor could be the difference between saving someone’s life to them dying. As a result with good communication it builds rapport, good understanding and a good relationship between people.

There are many benefits in working for charities as a volunteer such as using your skills and experience no matter how little it is, it helps the community and those around you. At times you work under pressure, which is a good thing because it shows your mental strength and how you can cope in different situations.

This I feel is a valuable experience which will forever remain with me as it has taught me to be calm and carry on even when the going gets tough. Working as a volunteer helps you personally by allowing your mind to become free and think of different and new innovative ideas in ways you can help them grow.  I feel that also by doing charity work it will stand you in good stead as it will set you apart from the crowd.

Past charity work says a lot about your character, giving you a multi-dimensional personality and highlighting your good nature. Even more importantly, volunteer positions show future employers your drive and dedication. Such accomplishments demonstrate initiative, personal will, leadership skills and the ability to work hard.

I am forever thankful to those wonderful people who have helped me and given me the opportunity to volunteer, my next aim is to complete my medical studies to become a doctor and hopefully this will allow me to become more fully involved in people’s lives so I can bring them a simple smile and bring me satisfaction.

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Getting satisfaction from a smile Jobs, Hope and Cash

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