Our Vision

To inspire and assist small organisations to become innovative, effective, and efficient in principle and practice, and to excel in serving the needs of humanity.

Our Mission

To facilitate new concept innovative start up organisations in the third sector to harness their aspirations, and empower them to deliver sustainable programmes improving the issues of social and economic justice and environmental sustainability for a better quality of life.

Our Services

Affordable Serviced Office Space

Zakat House offers office space to new or small charities and social businesses. With a flexible lease terms and different and full technical support for IT and audiovisual needs as well a Central London location; Zakat House is the first choice for small charities and social projects.

Social Entrepreneurs Centre

We are looking for individuals with innovative ideas which address social issues. We will work with them and support them to develop their idea to make it a reality.

Charity Resource Support Unit

We offer support which is essential, effective and consistent. This support includes marketing, administration and legal support from experts in each field. Staff will be on hand to answer questions and give direct support to new and small charities.

Community Network

We are working create a “community network” in Zakat House amongst all the charities that are based in the building. We encourage charities and social businesses to share ideas, experiences and resources and even to collaborate on projects together. We are firm believers in that working together reaps greater rewards and ultimately a cohesive community.

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