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Youth in Europe: From fiction to reality

As I am sure you are aware, Zakat House is based in London, UK. Yes, we have an office and staff at a certain location, but the Zakat House concept or model is bigger than that.

It is an idea that can transcend borders and be a model that can work in any community. Our values are universal values. Many, if not all of the articles in the EU Convention on Human Rights are important to the way Zakat House helps charities and communities. In tandem with Islamic values, the Zakat House model can help all parts of the community in all countries ranging from Norway to Portugal.

Zakat House attended FEMYSO’s European Muslim Youth Conference, which brought together around 100 different young European Muslims under one roof. The activities varied from talks, discussions, debates and workshops. The spirit of unity was amazing with all attendees representing youth charities in their respective countries which deal with various issues from crime prevention to alcohol abuse across the wider community. They all have to be congratulated not just for attending and being active but for tackling such enormous social challenges that developed countries cannot even resolve.

Zakat House introduced the concept of social entrepreneurship and how Islam fosters such action for humanity. Amazing ideas came about as a result of the intense workshops on topics including solving alcohol problems in Sweden, educational issues in France and green initiatives in Germany to reduce the strain on the environment.

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To lead to or not lead… That is the question

Today, more than any other time in history, the youth have generally been let free to live their own lives and make their own decisions. Has it really been a success? Are the youth of this country growing into men and women that are pushing the boundaries of industry and developing new ideas? Well, half of the answer is no. The other half is another question: Are they being given the opportunities to show their creativity, skill and talent?

This two sided solution can be solved through inspiration. By inspiring our youth AND giving them the opportunities to flourish, we will give them a chance to achieve and hopefully succeed. We need to leave the culture that failing is the final hurdle. We need to teach our youth that when we fall we need to pick ourselves up and learn from our mistakes, and move on.

For too long failure has been that final hurdle. Some of the greatest discoveries and achievements in history have been through things going wrong; penicillin being one example.

Overcoming adversity is the greatest lesson we can teach our youth. If we look to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as an example, he overcame many obstacles and tragedies and learnt from his mistakes to become a leader of a community. We all need positive role models, whether it is our parents or a teacher; if someone instils a positive message into our youth, they will succeed.

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