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Bringing charities in from the cold

By Mohammad Shakir

As the winter months set in and the rain and snow get ready to besiege the United Kingdom once more, we will be looking to wrap up warm, keep a hot drink with us and take that extra blanket out of storage to ensure we aren’t caught in the bitter cold.

Let’s use this scenario with charities; especially new and growing charities. Let’s say you have just received your registration from the Charity Commission – what do you do next?

Well regardless of your aims and objectives, there are certain things you will need such as a place to meet with partners and colleagues or a place where you can use an office or desk on an ad hoc basis. A place that is flexible and easy to get to. A place where everyone knows your name… (OK, that last one is not necessary, but it wouldn’t be a bad thing).

The concept of Zakat House is to support these charities by offering services that cater to their size and needs. In reality – does a charity which has one person coordinating its work really need anything more than one desk with phone and internet connection?

We have to encourage these new charities to work transparently and diligently to make sure that the money and aid that is donated to them reaches the beneficiaries for which it was raised.

Charities don’t work for profit or loss – they work to achieve something that is greater morally, spiritually and with a greater humanitarian and community spirit.

Come and join the Zakat House family.

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Zakat House services in 2011

Supporting Charities


If you’re based in the UK, and would like to get involved with Zakat House do get in touch. The following will outline what we plan to deliver in 2011.

Serviced offices

Zakat House will help and support small charities by offering affordable serviced offices in central London that provide lease flexibility in a cosmopolitan location. We will bring together a network of innovative small charities in the UK under one roof, creating our “Charity Hub” where they can all share experiences and resources to raise their standards in efficiency and professionalism, while helping them attain their goals.

Charity Resource Support Unit

Our aims and objective of the charity resource support units is to provide:

Essential …Effective… Consistent…Support

The benefit of this service is capacity building, operational effectiveness and ensuring the cross fertilisation of the absolute best practices are implemented within Zakat House and the charities based here.

The resource support unit will be situated within the same building and readily available between office hours to complement a charity’s day to day work.

Services the unit will offer include:

• Strategic planning – including organisational audits and preparation of business plans

• Policy creation- helping small charities introduce systems and procedures that will enable them to deliver effective services

• Legal – providing access to advice and guidance on a range of issues relating to finance, governance, and public relation

• Human Resources – including training, coaching, and mentoring of staff and volunteers

• Marketing – including web design and publications and fundraising strategies for small charities.

• Operational – Offering legislative and practical advice on all internal structure health and safety issues, application of charity commission practices and policies, and ensure accountability, transparency, and continuity

• Fundraising – including funding applications, advocacy and sourcing potential funding and assisting with the application process

Community Network Hub (CNH)

Our aim is for the Community Network Hub is to facilitate a healthy environment for debates and discussions based on the themes of:

Dialogue…sharing… trust …action

Zakat House will create a community platform where organisations and individuals can create new links, strengthen existing ones and collaborate on projects. The hub will exist to bring local charities businesses, organisations and individuals together encouraging them to engage in dialogue, leading to a promotion of social, economic and environmental changes.

We will dedicate meeting rooms and auditoriums for activities to take place, subsidised service fees will be applicable for charities and members of the public to use the facilities.

If you want more information click on the contact us button above.

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Why should we help small charities?

Charities are facing tremendous challenges in operating while also helping the most destitute people around the world. Current prices for office space, coupled with a lack of support for new or small charities means charities face difficult times ahead which will invariably affect those who the charities help on a daily basis.

Different charities are set up for a variety of reasons – for small causes locally and nationally or to help the destitute around the world. They have enough on their plates with fundraising, marketing, and actually helping people in the field. Some charities work so hard in the field, they forget about their own survival.

Zakat House is here to support charities build their capacity to do good such as alleviate poverty or rebuilding projects after natural disasters. Our support service is there to encourage knowledge and experience sharing, offering professional consultants to give advice on how to get the best out of your resources as well as affordable office space.

Charities help those most in need – we support charities that need help.

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